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ChatGPT & HR: An Introduction for HR Pros

By - Suzanne Lucas

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You’ve likely encountered whispers about ChatGPT, but have you truly experienced its transformative potential? Perhaps you’ve dipped your toes into using it for light tasks like drafting a birthday party invite or translating a quick message into Spanish. But have you harnessed its prowess to streamline and elevate your professional endeavors?

In this insightful webinar, we’ll guide you through an exploration of ChatGPT’s foundational principles, debunking misconceptions while shedding light on its genuine capabilities.

Are you curious about the inner workings of ChatGPT? We’ll unravel the basics, offering you a clear understanding of how this AI marvel operates and how it can be harnessed to your advantage. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that every tool has its limits. We’ll candidly discuss the boundaries within which ChatGPT operates, ensuring you’re well-informed about its potential and its constraints.

Moreover, knowledge is power, and knowing where to seek further information is key. We’ll steer you in the right direction to access additional resources, allowing you to delve deeper into ChatGPT’s intricacies at your own pace.

Join us to embark on a journey that demystifies ChatGPT’s capabilities, clarifies misconceptions, and equips you with insights to leverage this AI tool effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the future of HR efficiency. Your path to elevated productivity begins here!

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Discover the Transformative Potential of ChatGPT
  • Debunking Misconceptions and Exploring Capabilities
  • Navigate the truth behind ChatGPT’s whispers and rumors
  • Unveil its genuine capabilities to enhance your professional endeavors
  • Real-world applications: from drafting to decision-making
    • Job descriptions
    • Resume evaluations
    • Goal setting
  • Candid discussion about ChatGPT’s limitations
  • Navigate the boundaries to make informed choices
  • Gain insights to leverage ChatGPT for HR efficiency
  • Practical tips for integrating AI seamlessly into your workflow

Target Audience to market

  • HR managers
  • HR professionals
  • HR admins
  • HRPB
  • Employee relations specialists
  • Managers
  • Senior HR leaders
  • CHRO
  • VP HR
  • Director HR
  • HR subject matter experts

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Speaker Detail

Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne Lucas, better known as the Evil HR Lady, spent a decade in the realm of corporate HR before embarking on a new mission to enhance the world of work for all individuals. Throughout her tenure in Corporate HR, she hired, fired, trained, and provided HR coaching at all levels, ranging from freshly recruited 16-year-old grocery store cashiers to Senior Vice Presidents. Suzanne had a wealth of experience in guiding people through complex legal scenarios and providing support and coaching to those who had lost their jobs, enabling them to strive toward success once again. Suzanne jumped on the AI revolution early and has conducted research into the practical uses of AI technology and its impact on HR. Additionally, her work demonstrates the difficulty of overcoming bias within tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI interfaces. Following the launch of the Evil HR Lady Website, Suzanne's impact multiplied exponentially as she trained thousands of individuals, delivered speeches on an international stage, and published articles in prominent outlets such as Inc Magazine and CBS News. Her relentless efforts are steadily inching her closer to her goal of empowering people to flourish in their professional journeys. Not only is Suzanne passionate about her profession, but she also has a delightful sense of humor. In 2020, she decided to pursue training to become an improv comedian. Honing her skills at the renowned Groundlings School, she began performing with a local ensemble, bringing laughter to diverse audiences, from local bars to academic conferences. Interestingly, the principles of improv comedy proved to be valuable tools in helping people unleash their full potential. Suzanne combined her two passions, career development and improv comedy, to craft unique training programs that fostered effective communication, built confidence, and inspired laughter throughout the process. Suzanne's devotion to her work and her desire to see people thrive in their respective roles was palpable. She cherished the opportunity to aid individuals in improving their performance in whatever occupation they pursued. With excitement and anticipation, Suzanne eagerly looked forward to collaborating with prospective clients to develop and deliver workshops that would enable their employees to unleash their true capabilities and be the best versions of themselves.

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